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Sony Nex 7 24.3mp Full Spectrum Body with EVF


Full Spectrum Converted Sony Nex 7 Body in Excellent condition with a fantastic 24.3mp sensor and a brilliant Electronic Viewfinder [EVF],  which makes this one of the best cameras for IR or UV photography especially for glasses wearers. The dioptric eyesight correction built into the camera is an added benefit. The Nex 7 does not need additional "Glass" to replace the UV/IR/ AA Filter pack. The sensor is still protected by the AR coated factory fitted coverglass, but there is nothing else between the lens and the sensor. For this reason I much prefer the Nex 7 for Full Spectrum conversions. The photos are of  the actual camera are to follow. Comes with Body Cap, Battery, Strap, Usb Lead, Charger and Mains lead.