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12/1/21 - The Website and particularly the Shop maybe delayed having updates to stock etc due to the end of Adobe Flash which is used by my web page editor. They [Moonfruit] have promised time and time again it will be sorted out by Christmas, The End of the Year and most recently 11/1/21, but absolutely nothing has happened. This may be my last chance to update the website for a time, but I am working and can be contacted via email at;


[email protected] and by phone on 01983 852966.


01/01/2021 - Due to Brexit, sales to EU Countries are likely to have longer delivery times and will probably incur Additional Local Import VAT at your Country's rate. This has always been the case with exports to Non EU countries, which may also incur import duties.

The used Converted Cameras are graded using the following Condition Scale;

Mint = Almost Indestinguishable From New

Excellent = Slight Signs of normal use

Very Good = Signs of Significant use

+/- added to the above grading shows slightly better or worse condition


All transactions are carried out via a PayPal Secure Checkout.